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Enter into the Combat Sports zone where the Fan meets the Fighter for #FightTyme;
and anyone can watch live on Pay-Per-Stream anywhere in the world on any web connected device.


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Never has their ever been a network and platform developed for Fighters by Fighters until now. Fight Tyme unites promoters, fans, and fighters using the latest cutting edge technology, revolutionary business model, and dynamic engagement via organic content creation and distribution.

Introducing the age of Pay-Per-Stream (PPS) by Fight Tyme. PPS is the revolution of pay per view innovated for the digital age. Watch live and delayed PPS broadcasts of your favorite Combat Sports on #FightTyme using any of your web connected devices.

Fighters connect with your fans in a new way with Fight Tyme by offering them the ability to watch your fights anywhere in the world in over 188+ countries. Fighter Connect enables any fighter to have their fights streamed on Fight Tyme via Pay-Per-Stream (PPS) or Video-on-Demand (VOD). Fighters are then able to receive revenue share from the Pay-Per-Stream sales of their fight being broadcasted on Fight Tyme.

We offer the Combat Sports community, fighters, fans, and promoters access to high quality Combat Sports content. Our network is so much more than just Pay-Per-Stream (PPS). Fight Tyme is your one-stop for Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Archery and more. Tune in to our TV Guide and explore our dynamic content offerings of free programming such as news shows, interviews, fights, training/fitness programs, reality shows, documentaries, films, and more!